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Study in Mauritius.In (A division of Careers N Options Services Pvt. Ltd.) is trust worthy, effective and expert education consultant for Foreign Education, Study Abroad, Overseas Education, and Study in Mauritius.

Study in Mauritius.In (A division of Careers N Options Services Pvt. Ltd.) provides wide range of services for studying in Mauritius. For information on our Admissions, Visa service and other services. Contact our Counsellors on phone no. +91-7666 377 377 on all working days between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM (IST). Or email us at with your full details.

Benefits of Studying in Mauritius

  • Tuition fees starting from US $ 1500 only
  • Quality of education constantly monitored by the Tertiary Education Commissions (TEC)
  • Bilingual Workforce – English and French
  • Benefit from free transport and public health care services
  • Acquire work experience while working up to 20 hours weekly
  • Open Economy and Conducive Financial and Labour Laws
  • Excellent Infrastructure in Mauritius
  • Social and Political Stability
  • Positioned in a natural catastrophe-free zone and geographically safe from major natural disasters – warm tropical climate and without any severe weather changes
  • Exquisite Lifestyle with multi-cultural societies and limited cultural barriers
  • Tremendous effort from the local Government to make Mauritius THE knowledge hub of the Indian Ocean.
  • High concentration of foreign labour force (India, Bangladesh, China, UK…) in the Business District.

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 About Country

Capital (and largest city) : Port Louis
Time zone : MUT (UTC+4) or 4 hours Greenwich Mean Time & +3 hours Mid-European Time
Currency : Mauritian rupee (MUR)
Language : English is generally accepted as the official language of Mauritius and as   the language of government administration, the courts and business. The constitution of Mauritius and all laws are written in English. The Mauritian population is multilingual; most Mauritians are equally fluent in English and French. In Mauritius people switch to languages according to the situation, French and English are favoured in educational and professional settings while Asian languages are used in socio-cultural activities and Creole or Bhojpuri as Mother tongue.
Demographics : The population estimate (as of 1 July 2012) for the whole republic is 1,291,456; the female population outnumbered the male population by about 19,430. Mauritius is a secular country and freedom of religion is a constitutional right
According to the 2011 census made by the Central Statistic Office, Hinduism is the major religion at 49%, followed by Christianity 32%, Islam 17% and Buddhist 0.4%.

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 Major Economy

The economy is based on tourism, textiles, sugar, and financial services. In recent years, information and communication technology, seafood, hospitality and property development, healthcare, renewable energy, and education and training have emerged as important sectors, attracting substantial investment from both local and foreign investors.

Mauritius has one of the most stable and successful economies in Africa and is ranked high in terms of competitiveness, investment climate, governance and freest economy, the Gross Domestic Product estimate was at $20.225 billion and GDP per capita income over $15,595 in 2012, one of the highest in Africa. Mauritius is an upper middle income economy with its GNI per capita at US$8,230 in 2011. For the fifth consecutive year, the World Bank’s 2013 Ease of Doing Business report ranks Mauritius first among African economies and 19th worldwide out of 183 economies in terms of ease of doing business.

Mauritius is one of the world’s top luxury tourism destinations. It possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions, enjoys a sub-tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming. These tourism assets are its main strength, especially since they are backed up by well-designed and run hotels, and reliable and operational services and infrastructures. Mauritius received the World Leading Island Destination award for the third time and World’s Best Beach at the World Travel Awards in January 2012.Mauritius has also one of the highest rates of returning tourism visitors in the world.

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 Part Time Work

International students are permitted to work part time of 20hrs. /week. Students can earn up to US $ 200 – 500 monthly by working part-time.

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 Visa Requirements

A non-citizen wishing to study in Mauritius should in the first instance secure a seat in a tertiary educational institution or TVET institution registered respectively with Tertiary Education Commission or the Mauritius Qualification Authority, here in after referred to as recognized tertiary educational institution or TVET institution.

The following categories of persons are eligible for Student Visa:
A non-citizen enrolled on one or more programmes in a recognised tertiary educational institution or TVET institution to follow on a full-time basis specific modules
         for one semester or two, a course leading to a certificate or diploma for a duration of a least one academic year.
A non-citizen enrolled in a recognised tertiary educational institution to follow full-time or part-time degree course at under-graduate level.
A non-citizen enrolled in a recognised tertiary educational institution to follow full-time or part-time course at postgraduate levels (including Masters, MPhil or
         Doctoral level).
A non-citizen carrying out post Doctoral research.
A non-citizen coming to Mauritius on an exchange programme not exceeding one year with a recognised tertiary educational institution.

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 English Requirements

 Cost of Living

Affordable cost of living makes Mauritius one of the most exciting destinations. Estimated costs of living is from approx US $250 per month.This includes accommodation, food, travel and pocket money.

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 Fee Structures

The courses in Mauritius offered by various intuitions are quite affordable. Cost of Tuition fees—ranging from US $ 1500 to 15500 per year approx.

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 Scholarship / Bursaries

Like any other nation of the world special scholarships are allotted in Mauritius for students to encourage higher education in them. The students who meet the criteria required for receiving the scholarships can apply for the one's that suits their career interests. There are some special scholarships for the students in need of financial assistance and for those with exceptionally good academic background.

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 Useful Links

Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology

Board of Investment

Tertiary Education Commission

Passport and Immigration office

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Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment

Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

Mauritius Promotion and Tourism Agency

Disclaimer: This guidance is for students interested in studying abroad in Mauritius. It is only a guide for which information is taken from various relevant websites. It aims to answer some common questions. Visitors are recommended to contact the Careers N’ Options office for most updated information.